Blank Slate Game

Getting Started with Blank Slate Game: A Step-by-Step Guide

Blank Slate Game is an ideal game for family game night! With an intuitive rule book that takes less than 60 seconds to teach, this fun family classic makes game night easier than ever! As featured on The Bobby Bones Show, blank slate provides the perfect family fun!

Goal of this game is to write words on your white board that match those on a cue card and complete phrases on it, while matching up with at least one other player for three points! Includes score board, 8 color-coded cute white boards with markers and 250 double-sided word cue cards for players aged 3-8.


Blank Slate Game is one of those games you can quickly assemble and enjoy for hours on end. A word association game, it can be enjoyed with multiple players and themes. Furthermore, this quick game requires no handwriting or spelling knowledge whatsoever; making it perfect for families with younger children!

Setup for this game is very straightforward – all that’s required is giving each player a dry-erase slate and marker, selectingor reading out cue cards, and everyone writing answers on their slate that match what the other players wrote down on theirs. When all have completed writing their answers, reveal and score. If your answer matches one other person you earn three points; two other people matched (but no exact match was found) you get two; otherwise you score nothing; the first player to accumulate 25 points is declared the winner!

Playing this game typically takes 30 minutes and scales easily between 3-8 players, as its rules are clear and intuitive, offering ample room for house rule variations or house rule variants to keep the game fresh and entertaining. A wide array of answers makes for an unpredictable and exciting game! Although not based on skill alone, this randomness keeps play engaging throughout its entirety.

Although you can play this game digitally via a digital hangout, the experience will be more enjoyable if played face-to-face with friends. Teaching this game in-person makes teaching much simpler as its rules are obvious and each action easily explicated. Furthermore, assigning one person as host for every round is ideal; that way scores and results can easily be discussed between rounds, making the whole experience more fun for all involved!


Blank Slate Game is an exciting party game with family appeal that can quickly become a household tradition. Players respond secretly to fill-in-the-blank questions, with points awarded to those who accumulate the most points at the end. Up to eight people can participate in this fast-paced board game that features on Bobby Bones Show with simple rules that are sure to give everyone hours of laughter and entertainment!

This award-winning game includes color-coded cute whiteboards, markers and 250 double-sided word cue cards in a card holder. To succeed at this challenging and award-winning game, predict how opponents will complete word cue cards that are drawn every turn by drawing new one at random from your hand and filling them in as quickly as possible – the first to score 25 points wins!

Developed by The Op Games, this sophisticated party game for 3-8 players tests your ability to read minds and match words with others. Each round starts off with drawing a word cue card and writing out their answer that best completes its phrase on it; matching with only one other player results in both scoring points; matching with multiple people gets only one point scored toward your final total on the scoreboard; be the first player to reach 25 points to win!

As soon as each player has obtained a slate and marker that corresponds with their colored scorepad bar, a game selector will draw and read aloud their first word cue card aloud for everyone to see. After doing so, each person writes their response down on their slate before hiding it until all other players have written theirs as well – once done so the active player will then reveal all answers and total up scores for everyone involved.

If you plan on playing Blank Slate online, ensure there is sufficient room for all of the players. If space is at a premium, scraps of paper can be used as writing surfaces and held up so other players can see. Furthermore, it’s essential that someone designated is keeping an eye on scoreboard and drawing cards each round.


Blank Slate Game is a fun family and friend-oriented game. Easy to pick up and fast-paced, it challenges players’ mental acuity to choose words to complete phrases on cue cards. Blank Slate also fosters social skills development while encouraging friendly competition – the first player who reaches 25 points wins!

Setup for this game is quick and straightforward – simply provide each player with a dry erase slate and marker, select one person to be the Selector (scorekeeper) from the box, read aloud from a Word Cue card from it, then each player secretly writes on their slate word that best matches phrase without giving other players any clues. After everyone is finished writing their responses they reveal all answers at once to look for matches – if one answer matches another player then both players receive three points; otherwise each receives one point; otherwise all loser loses.

This game is great fun for people of all ages and is suitable for kids as young as eight years old, though larger groups offer even greater enjoyment by interacting with one another more easily. Plus, its high replay value thanks to a variety of word cues and phrases makes for endless hours of enjoyment!

Similar to Codenames, Word Search involves being given a blank space and asked to fill it in a way that no one will guess – meaning your goal should be writing something non-obvious that will score points instead. It can be challenging for younger players who might need some assistance keeping up with this one, while simultaneously providing social skill development opportunities by reading other people’s minds and not divulging too much information too soon.

Ages 8+

Kids aged eight or above will find Blank Slate straightforward. Younger players, however, may become overwhelmed when trying to come up with words under pressure – potentially losing focus on the fun of playing! Furthermore, younger children may struggle with writing answers on dry erase boards.

Blank Slate Game is suitable for children between 3-8, but that age range should only be seen as a loose restriction. While its box suggests 4-8 players as an optimal limit, the game can actually be played with any number of people you desire; more players means more fun when trying to say identical words!

Play time varies between 20-35 minutes as stated on the box; however, this game will likely stretch well past this estimation as everyone finds themselves laughing through every round. Perfect for families that love laughing together while trying to figure out what other people are thinking! This party game makes a fantastic way of getting everyone laughing together and laughing off any tension!

Set Up The Game To begin playing this game, each player needs a dry erase slate and marker, then assign one person as the Selector who will select a word cue card from the draw side of the box and read it aloud. All other players secretly write words onto their slates that “complete” each phrase (Cat-nap, full house or evening gown) on it before all members reveal their answers and try to match theirs with other player words; any time one word matches up it earns one point and the first person who reaches 25 wins!

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